The Dutch Baroque Foundation is the youngest offspring in the world of ancient music. The ambitions, however, are high: performances at a high level, reopening men’s ears for the beauty of baroque music. Making ancient music sound new and sparkling, that is what the singers and instrumentalists of Dutch Baroque, led by baroque specialist Gerard de Wit, stand for.

We understand ‘baroque’ as the period between the years 1600 and 1750. The last year, which is the year of death of J.S. Bach, is generally being seen as the end of the baroque. The music from this period was mainly performed at royal courts and in churches. It has a clear structure, and is graceful, dynamic, transparent and often highly intense. Harpischords, viols, recorders, (wooden) flutes, baroque oboes, baroque violins (with gut strings) en lutes provide the finest sounds: we are speaking of perhaps the most impressive period in the history of music.

Taking Bach’s music as a climax, surrounded by the glance of his contemporaries, we highlight another aspect of this beautiful music at every turn. The Dutch Baroque Foundation presentend itself for the first time on March the 14th, 2015, performing J.S. Bach’s Saint John Passion, which has been a great success!

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